Who We Are?

SEal football academy

Football should be for everyone, and our programs support active lifestyles promote positive impacts. For this reason, at SEAL, we will try never to turn a child away. However, we know that personal background is often a significant barrier to sports participation.

Inclusion and Accessibility

We are growing our community to break down those barriers. Notably, the ability to pay will never be a reason why a child misses out on an opportunity to join our community. Accordingly, inclusion and accessibility are at the heart of everything we do. In short, we work hard to ensure a genuinely diverse and welcoming environment for our members and their families.


Extraordinary Experiences

  • Opportunity to receive Coaching from West Ham United Foundation Coaches
  • Pathway Opportunities into Elite Sport
  • Talent ID Cups and Camps with English Premier League Scouts
  • Learn English Through Sport
  • USA College Sports Scholarship Opportunities
  • Football Camps
  • Pro-Player Pathways into the International Academy of Football in the UK

Our Mission

To create a football community that provides opportunities to participants and their families based on their capabilities and determination rather than their ability to pay.

Our belief

Players who demonstrate the necessary skills and desire to succeed should be given the best possible opportunities and a clear pathway to elite sport and higher education. Therefore, through our network and partnerships, we provide professional coaching, education opportunities and a genuine pathway to professional sport and higher education through scholarship opportunities.

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Professional football coaching for all ages and abilities

Creating Pathways and Opportunities for Boys and Girls

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Our partners and sponsors

We work with our partners to create winning partnerships that create a level playing field to enable children to benefit from our projects regardless of their ability to pay. We are grateful that through their support, we can offer complete and partial scholarships to students who need them.