LIONS Football Training

It's Time to Start Your Journey

Affordable, Professional Football Academy standard training is now available in Bangkok at Soccer Pro Bang Na.

Provided by SEAL Football Academy, our sessions are designed to improve an individual’s technique and confidence on the ball and their tactical and game management off it.

SEAL Lions

For Boys aged 12 years old and above

Our LIONS are split into our Development Squad and our Pro-Player Pathway.

We believe players must learn to reach their full potential on and off the field.

Our sessions are designed to test every aspect of a player’s development and ensure they are in the correct session for their ability and development needs.

We work with our partners, the West Ham United Foundation, to ensure that we are updated with the most advanced coaching methods and regularly undergo and run coaching CPDs. 

Our boy’s Development Centre at Soccer Pro Bang Na runs year-round and works on a syllabus with structured learning outcomes and key coaching points. We aim to develop core technical skills further and fully understand tactics and principles of play.

Our LIONS Pro-Player Pathway includes every aspect of becoming an elite athlete, including game management, speed and agility and strength and conditioning. In addition, players can visit The International Academy of Football and train with the West Ham United Foundation coaches in Bangkok and London.

  • Media Training
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Injury Prevention
  • Coach Education
  • Elite Football Coaching

All our players will be invited to join our West Ham United Foundation elite coaching clinics and VIP coaching days

In addition, the West Ham Foundation Academy coaches will fully evaluate players on the Pro-Player Pathway when they visit Bangkok.

Our Partners and Sponsors

We work with our partners to create winning partnerships that create a level playing field to enable children to benefit from our projects regardless of their ability to pay. We are grateful that through their support, we can offer complete and partial scholarships to students who need them.